Advanced Materials

We have a broad experience in the use and application of less standard materials and exotic alloys. We perform deep drawing, stamping, laser welding and turning on metals and alloys like:
Kovar or Fernico, Titanium,Oxygen free Copper, pure Nickel, Molybdenum, and Nitinol

On the plastic molding side we produce products, utilizing materials as Tefzel, LCP’s, PEEK, HSG (high specific gravity material), electrical and thermal conductive polymers, shielding polymers, antimicrobial polymers etc.

Below you find an overview, where we highlight some of the rather unique features of some of the materials we are able to process for you.

Material Trivia:

HSG compounds or high specific gravity compounds, make it possible to use plastic molding techniques to manufacture parts with a specific gravity up to 10 g/cm3 . These materials can have shielding and inertia performance comparable with lead.
As they are injection moldable, this reduces or eliminates secondary machining or assembly operations and cuts cost.
Where the use of lead creates environmental issues, this might be a perfect solution to make your product green, while at the same time, HSG compounds can also help you to incorporate highly specialized properties including X-ray shielding, X-ray opacity, noise attenuation and "soft" magnetic properties.
We are using HSG materials in the field of medical applications.

Electrical conductive polymers
New electrical conductive compounds for injection molding are now available, with improved conductive and shielding properties, where at the same time the amount of filler materials and thus the weight and the costs of the compound have been dramatically reduced.
Through the use of novel mixing techniques for the carbon nano tubes and the synergistic combination of carbon nano tubes , intrinsic conductive polymers and steel fibers, new levels of conductivity and shielding are attainable at lower filling rates.