KeyTec Netherlands

KeyTec Netherlands in Sittard is the first and original KeyTec company, created in 1999 from a full divestment of its mother company Philips Electronics. Its long standing experience in the mechanical components and assembly business of Electronics, has allowed the original KeyTec operation to be the motherfactory and fore-runner for its newer sister companies all around the world, and by that create the basis of today's KeyTec Group of Companies.

Within the KeyTec group, KeyTec Netherlands is the technology roadmap driver, the specialist in exotic materials and small series special and pilot production, end-product assembly, but also highly automated components mass production components serving the western-European customers. Key Technology know how is a.o. in metal deepdrawing, insert- and overmolding, automotive and medical device assembly.

As everywhere, KeyTec is the specialist in plastic and metal precision parts.

Our motto is, we industrialize your idea, we develop and produce within 8 weeks a product and process and tooling for a production between 100 and -100 million products, reliable and competitive .

Due to the combination of technologies and our network of factories and toolmakers, we can always deliver a customized competitive process for you.